Skilled Internet services specialist, Network, Linux & WordPress guru with extensive project management experience seeking challenging opportunities in the NGO/non-profit sector.

Network Administrator with vast experience designing and managing Cisco networks. Network security specialist with broad experience deploying and managing Fortinet FortiGate/FortiAnalyzer/FortiManager, Cisco PIX/ASA and SNORT. Specialist in Unified Threat Management (UTM), Enterprise VPN solutions and Internet content filtering.

Seasoned Unix Systems Administrator with over 20 years experience installing, configuring and managing Linux, Solaris, AIX and Mac OS X.

Experienced project manager with excellent organizational and communication skills.

Specialties: Fortinet, Cisco, Foundry, Linux, Solaris, AIX, WebSense, OS X, Network design/administration, DNS/DHCP, Network security, firewalls, UTM, Internet content filtering, systems administration. DevOps, PHP, SQL, WordPress and Social media.


  • Intimately familiar with the installation and maintenance of  Web/Internet services: 
    • Windows Internet Information Servers
    • Apache Web Servers
    • WorPress Servers
    • Mailing List Managers
    • SMTP, IMAP4, and POP3 mail servers
    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Microsoft and BIND Domain Name Servers
    • InfoBlox/Windows/Linux DHCP Servers
    • Network Appliance, StrataCache, Squid caching/proxy servers
    • Systems administration: Solaris, HP-UX, Mac OS X, Windows Server and Linux
    • Network file and print services: Windows, UNIX, Linux, Samba
    • Database administration: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB
  • Systems administration experience with Linux, HP-UX, Mac OS X, Windows Server and Solaris.
  • Web design experience using ASP/.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Python, PERL, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, WordPress.
  • Technical writing experience; capable of creating succinct policy and training documents.
  • TCP/IP network design and administration: Cisco, Extreme, Foundry/Brocade, 3Com
  • Network Security: Cisco PIX/ASA, Fortinet Firewalls, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, CheckPoint, Juniper, SNORT Intrusion Detection System, BlueCoat, WebSense.
  • Unified Threat Management: Network/Email virus mitigation, Internet content filtering
  • Telecommunications networks provisioning
  • Network Quality of Service: Qos, packet shaping
  • Network analysis w/ Ethereal/WireShark, TCPdump
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): SSL and IPSec w/Fortinet, Cisco, Juniper, Cisco
  • Up to date social media skills including social media management and automation tools.
  • Dedicated follower of digital library trends.
  • Vast research/digital scholarship experience with online databases. Adept at utilizing the advanced features of Internet search engines.
  • Experience managing both structured and unstructured data using SQL and NOSQL databases.
  • Experience maintaining Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
  • Experience with 3-D printing, soldering, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other tools of the maker movement.


Independent Consultant PRW Networks, Cincinnati, OH. September 2010-present.

  • Build database-driven Web sites.
  • Design, install and maintain Internet services for businesses and non-profits.
  • Provide contract network support and systems administration.
  • Install, configure and maintain WordPress servers.
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns including deliverability analysis .
  • Design, source, install and maintain networks for small and large businesses.
  • Design, source, install and maintain firewall, network security and VPN solutions for businesses and non-profits.
  • Install and maintain Linux/Unix and Mac systems.
  • Create, implement and maintain social network marketing strategies.

Network Administrator. Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati, OH. February 2001-August 2010

  • Design, build & maintain all aspects of Cincinnati Public Schools 72 location Wide Area Network.
  • Maintain all aspects of District’s multiple Internet connections including routing and BGP
  • Provide technical support on all issues regarding Internet connectivity and Internet protocols
  • Optimize network performance/Provide QOS using packet shaping (Paketeer/Exinda)
  • Monitor and maintain District’s content filtering (WebSense/FortiGate)
  • Design, implement and maintain District’s Internet Firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems (Cisco PIX/ASA, FortiNet FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer)
  • Monitor Network and Information Security
  • Develop Security Policies
  • Investigate instances of network abuse, misuse and security breaches
  • Design, implement andmaintain Intrusion Detection Systems (SNORT, Fortinet UTM)
  • Design, implement andmaintain Primary and Secondary DNS Servers (Windows/Linux/OS X)
  • Design, implement andmaintain DHCP Servers (InfoBlox/Windows/Linux)
  • Design, implement and maintain Proxy/Caching Servers (Network Appliance, StrataCache and Squid)
  • Install and Maintain all District Web servers (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Design, configure and maintain multi-site SSL and IPSEC VPN solution
  • Maintain system backups of all key network devices
  • Create shell scripts to automate system tasks (Bash, KSH, CSH, perl)
  • Provide Web Site Design and Implementation Consulting, ASP/.NET, PHP and SQL development
  • Provide support for networked educational services and applications
  • Manage consultants and contractors
  • Provide System Administration on Windows 2000/2003/2008, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Produce reports on network and system utilization

Lead Network Analyst. TriHealth, Cincinnati, OH. March 1998-February 2001.

  • Design, Implement and Maintain Windows NT/2000 Enterprise Network
  • Design, Implement and Maintain Enterprise Messaging Infrastructure (Microsoft Exchange Server)
  • Design, Implement and Maintain Internet Firewall (CheckPoint Firewall-1)
  • Install and Maintain Internet Proxy Servers (Microsoft ISA, Squid)
  • Monitor Network and Information Security
  • Develop Security Policies
  • Provide UNIX Systems Administration (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux)


M.L.I.S. Indiana University Library and Information Science
B.A. Auburn University Economics/Philosophy


Librarian/Web Master/Unix Systems Administrator. The Union Institute. September 1995 – January 1997.

  • Oversee operation of University Library
  • Perform UNIX Systems Administration (Solaris and Linux)
  • Design and maintain all aspects of University’s Web site
  • Administer all aspects of enterprise E­mail systems
  • Perform all aspects of TCP/IP Network Administration
  • Develop Internet­ accessible information systems/databases
  • Provide PC/Mac Desktop support

Reference and Digital Services Librarian. Duke University Libraries. June 1994 – August 1995.

  • Perform collection development in business and economics
  • Provide reference services
  • Provide PC/Mac Desktop support
  • Train patrons and staff in the use of Library resources and technologies

Reference and Digital Services Librarian. Miami University Libraries 1990 – 1994.

  • Provide collection development in all areas of business & economics
  • Provide reference and research services
  • Serve as liaison to all faculty of the Business School
  • Maintain online database subscriptions
  • Provide training in the use of all online databases