Paul Wright, Internet Systems Engineer

Paul Wright received his Masters in Library and Information Science from Indiana University, Bloomington. From his time in library school through a career in academic libraries and into pure information technology, Paul has always been fascinated by the relationships between data, information, knowledge and how we access it.

Computers, databases and information networks are all just ways of creating, storing and disseminating data and information and Paul has been immersed in all of it in one form or another since his first professional position in the Miami University Libraries. Paul was online when the Internet was still a collection of GOPHER servers and WAIS was the latest buzzword. Paul’s career in information science and technology evolved along with the Internet. Humble beginnings maintaining GOPHER sites evolved into creating and maintaining Web sites. Ever seeking to understand the tiniest details of these new ways of creating and sharing information Paul’s career took him away from libraries and into the realm of computer science, first through unix systems administration, then into local and wide area network design and administration.  Along the way he studied and practiced network security and intrusion detection and honed his skills as an expert Linux Systems Administrator.  As the Internet grew into the World Wide Web and beyond, so did Paul’s involvement in the underlying technologies that make internet communications possible.

Paul Wright has been a Web developer, a network security specialist, a systems integrator, a network engineer, and a database administrator. He has never, however lost his interest in the actual information that these technologies support. Access to information, the structure of data and the technologies that make it possible have always been his core passion.

Paul Wright is an expert in the technologies that make your organization’s Internet presence possible. He is a skilled project manager and a gifted hands-on engineer.

For help with:

  • Project management
  • Web Servers and ALL things Internet
  • Network Security/Firewalls
  • Linux/Unix
  • Hadoop/Nutch/ElasticSearch
  • Mail, SMTP
  • Internet service provision
  • Network management

Paul is standing by to bring his passion for information and communications to your organization.