Paul Wright Helps Non-Profits with Social Media

Lack of manpower is one of the biggest challenge facing nonprofits. This is doubly so when it comes to outreach programs via social media. While email campaigns and Web sites help drive engagement and hopefully lead to donations, simply getting people to retweet or comment is helpful only to the extent it culminates in financial support.

Many non-profits (and a lot of for-profits) use social networks merely as a megaphone, announcing events and activities and sharing organization-centric info. Less than half actually follow the best practice of posting issue-centric content to establish thought leadership in their nonprofit’s area(s) of focus.

Equally important is measuring the impact of a social media campaign. Most all of the major social networks provide some means of measuring a user’s reach and there are myriad tools available to drill down even deeper. Paul can help with the deployment of these tools.

Paul Wright has deep experience in helping non-profits move beyond “likes” and transcending cute kitty photos. He helps non-profits use social media as a “call to action” and to drive more traffic to organizations’ Web sites. Hire Paul to help create and manage engaging social media campaigns that reach highly active communities and leverage your organization’s Internet presence.

Hire Paul to:

  • Create and manage your social media campaigns
  • Create engaging social media content
  • Manage and maintain your Web site and/or WordPress server, site or blog
  • Apply Search Engine Optimization techniques to your Web site, blog and social media content
  • Provide measurement reporting on social media campaigns
  • Manage email campaigns and email lists, ensuring deliverability of your message
  • Share ways to schedule social media postings